Wine Dinner – Where the sublimation of emotions, music and cuisine

On 31/01/2018, Anh Phat Construction and Trading Investment Corporation (Anh Phat Corporation) held a French Wine Dinner at Château De Caladroy at Showroom Alcohol 671A, Nguyen Trai Ward Phu Son, TP. Thanh Hoa.

Come to the party, the guests have experienced the romantic, liberal space of Provence southeastern France with melodious and gentle melodies from the violin solo and saxophones. All have contributed to creating a great feeling for those who love and love wines, especially the Château De Caladroy wine brand from France – a country with a long history. most about wine production. French Wine Dinner is a thankful gift that Anh Phat Corporation sent to partners, you have been with the Corporation in the past.

Performers at the Night.

Some Château De Caladroy wines are presented at the Night.

The highlight of the night is the wine products originated from the village of Roussillon in southeastern France, famous brand around the world – Château De Caladroy. Alcoholic beverages in the night are A.O.P. – the highest standards are controlled by the French National Institute of Quality and Export (INAO) for European wines. Wine is made from grapes, grape varieties are grown on the sandy clay layer of the rich Agly Valley; Alcohol is processed in a rigorous process, from planting, tending, harvesting to incubation, and finally pre-market evaluation. The party is complemented by the delicate cuisine of the French culinary elite creating a tasteful ensemble.

Diners enjoy the wine at the night.

The accompanying dishes combined with the wines bring a subtle flavor.

Speaking at the party, Mr. Le Van Duc – TP. Organization – Administration, representatives of Anh Phat Corporation sent gratitude to the partners, guests for the party night and at the same time send the message of the World Health Organization about the harm of work. heavy drinking and recommends the benefits of using wine for human health.

Norman Calichon, representative of the Château De Caladroy Wine Producer, introduces the history, formation and development of the Château De Caladroy wine brand. Wine enthusiasts and lovers have the opportunity to learn more about the beautiful French countryside and the famous vineyards that make up the Château De Caladroy wine brand on the world wine map.

Norman Calichon, representative of the Château De Caladroy Wine Producer, spoke at the Night.

French wine Château De Caladroy concludes with a lyrical violin solo, as refined and as deep as the wine of France still remains in the minds of every guest. French Wine Dinner brought guests the opportunity to learn more about wine culture to choose wine products suitable for use.

Anh Phat Company is proud of being the first enterprise in Thanh Hoa province licensed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade to import alcohol. With the motto of providing genuine wine products, diversified in types, ensuring the quality and price suitable for consumers, Anh Phat Corporation has imported wine Chateau de Caladroy, products by Roussillon wine village, in southeastern France. Bottles of AOP standard wine are the culmination of the technology of processing wine in France because it is produced under the strict process, from the planting, care, harvest to immersion, distillation. distillation and final evaluation prior to release to the market.

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